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A walk in the forest - testing tripod and exercising filter usage

Today we drove not far away from home. Only est. 20 km from us is a beautiful little forest with a little stream going through. We found a nice location not only to drink tea and eat sweet snacks but also to test the new equipment which arrived right in time before the next road trip.

A Sirui W-1204 tripod from the waterproof series was tested as well as we exercised the usage of a new ND and Polariser Filter. The Sirui tripod performed very well.

And the filter thing... this was more an exercise than a testing.

We wanted to know how pictures change and which new creative opportunities they offer to landscape photography. We tried each of the filters on its own but also in combination. One is a ND-200 Filter which is probably a bit too dark especially for the autofocus. Proper focusing is not possible anymore with this filter mounted. We only found this workaround:

- open the aperture wide, e.g. F4

- focus

- set the lense to manual focus

- set aperture back to the value you want to have e.g. F11

- Fire

But really, how convenient is that? So at the moment we will continue using these filters but we are pretty sure already now that the next filter won't be one you screw on your lens.

Anyway, with all the inconvenience of this filters, screwing to the lens and removing them and using the workaround because of autofocus, we got a few nice shots, e.g. this one which you also find in the landscape gallery:

F13 / ISO 100 / 1.3 seconds / ND200 + CPL Filter / focus stack from 3 pictures

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